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"I believed the military would take care of its own"
Submitted: 2007-02-25 09:20:47.000 (post #: 1332)

Several years ago my son joined the Florida National Guard. He told me that he wanted to be of service to his country- something I always encouraged. He said he was to be trained to respond to disasters such as Katrina, Rita, other natural and man made disasters. He told me not to worry that he would never be deployed in active conflict. I knew he was wrong about that. July of 2006 he came back state side after a year in Afghanistan. As I look back on my son's decison to join the military he never once believed his government would "take care of its own". He knew the government would abandon soldiers caught in illeal covert operations. He knew that recruiters lied about the military's recruitment promises. Then he got some hands on experience regarding the government "taking care of it's own". Before deployment he wrote a letter from special opps training and asked me to send --toilet paper. That may sound trivial, but if they can't supply enough toilet paper state side what makes you think our soldiers will have the proper equipment to do their jobs and protect themselves in war? We all have heard the rest of that story--not enough armor ect. I am saddened to say that GLBT issues are not as important any more when our country is left in such a weaken state that George DUH-b-YUH has left it. We are bankrupted financially. We are demoralized from a government that has abandon our soldiers in the feild with out a real battle plan-- without proper supplies and the ultimate abandonment-- when they come home wounded to hospitals and rehab facilities that NEVER would have passed a JCHO inspection. In the private sector these medical facilities would be shut down and lawyers would have a hay day cashing in on law suits. As a health care provider, a voter and a mother of a soldier, Margarethe what can I do to help our soldiers? I ask you this sincerly as I respect all that you have accomplished in the face of adversary. I feel ashamed that all we can come up with is to paste our yellow ribbons on the back of our bumpers. A real leader has been to battle and still comes out "fighting the good fight" Thankyou for for you service to our country.
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Re: (Your issue)
Submitted: 2007-04-14 22:47:11.000 (post #: 1410)

I was not sure, after reading your posting, what happened to your son ultimately. I hope he is home safe now. I do know that I felt the frustration of your issues. Having any loved one in the theater of operations now going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Djiboti, or Kuwait is a scary time. To keep sending more soldiers to an area, to an ill-conceived war, is outrageous. But our government has gotten us into a "no-win" situation there - we can't pull-out, and staying makes things worse. So, staying means sending more troops into harms way. And they just keep blowing them up. I heard recently that the "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" policy was going under review. Sure, in a time when they need more soldiers, when recruiting is so low, they will consider easing the homosexual "clauses" because they need more bodies. Interesting how gay people become so important when they need us.
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