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War With Iraq
Submitted: 2002-10-03 23:16:07.000 (post #: 165)

War with Iraq as a first strike by the US is unconscionable. Did we not learn from VN that going to war without knowing what we were doing was futile and cost millions of lives, not just the 53,000 Americans on the Wall. I would march in uniform against a preemptive invasion. Our dictatorial, self serving rhetoric will be our demise as a super power and nation of honor.
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Re: War With Iraq
Submitted: 2002-10-03 23:16:42.000 (post #: 166)

Grethe: I agree with you whole-heartedly. I can' believe that we didn't learn our lesson with VN! When will we learn? It seems that life doesn't mean a thing this day and age!!
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Re: Re: War With Iraq
Submitted: 2002-10-03 23:19:55.000 (post #: 167)

HOld on a minute.., !!! How's is this in ANY way related to VN??? Review your history! The VC were NOT training and funding terrorists orgainizations to obliterate American citizens on our land! First.., information is still being gathered as to the level of threat(current/future)that Iraq presents. I'm sure we will learn more in the weeks and months ahead. The method and process of striking first, however, should be scrutinized intensely.(UN approval, etc.) We should not go it alone.., that much I strongly believe. I would invite Grethe to have conversation with my friend, Refat Barbour from Syria. His insight most definitely impacted my views of Saddam and the middle east in general.., and the US role in the region. The UN., the U.S. ., ANYONE and EVERYONE must get behind the idea of helping the people of Iraq. The first step is removing its brutal tyrant. The ruling government of both Iraq and Iran played and are playing huge roles in terrorist efforts to kill Jews in Isreal..., and any supporters.(The U.S.) I've never seen nor could I imagine a better case for "first strike"..., oh., maybe one case. Keep in mind.., after nearly ten years at war with Iran and MILLIONS of lives lost., IRaq and the rest of the middle east views the 91 gulf war as a "Joke" in the war sense. The same view now with what looks to be another war. The issue of human life.., is a non-issue in that culture.., it's about power relating to Religion, resources(petro), politics(Monarchy fear of democracy).., etc, etc., If information and technology of today was available in the 40's.., Hitler would have been just another bad author with a small dick. Would Saddam kill millions of Jews if he had the chance? Hell YES!.., Americans? Non-Islamics? By the way.., I love Grethe and "most" everything she stands for.., she DOES know the history of VN.., she proudly served.., and for many, many other reasons.., she is my hero. Just wanted to respond.., Thanks
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Re: Re: Re: War With Iraq
Submitted: 2002-10-03 23:20:49.000 (post #: 168)

Chad, Chad, Chad: Our war on terrorism was a Presidential response to a horrendous event as terrorists from Saudi Arabia, trained by terrorists in Afganistan were to feel American wrath and retaliation. We went for the terrorists, and suddenly they became the Taliban, we "freed" the country of fundamentalists, and left a token force to assist in the rebuilding. Then chasing the elusive Saudi terrorists, and Bin Ladin, decided that selective evil countries would become our target. Suddam flaunted his power against UN and for the past years has denied UN inspectors. So now we create a new senerio, lets get Suddam. Unilaterally, now. This does not compute!. Just how do we intend to do this? Send in ground troops? Bomb Bagdad to kingdom come and deal with collateral damage as an afterthought? This is absolutely obscene in terms of what it would do the the Iraqi people and American servicemembers would be fodder for ambush and absolute destruction. Having spent my time in VN, not having the support of the American people on our efforts, it is absolutely beyond comprehension that we would undertake this effort without an international mandate. This does appear as a self serving endeavour.
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Submitted: 2003-12-01 23:58:07.000 (post #: 233)

Colonel, You are right on the money. I just came back from Iraq. The pretense for us going to war was political propaganda to get the NETWORK TV viewers to rally behind a cause that was masked by egoism. The reality of this war in Iraq is nothing more than a bully on a playground. Media has televised the bully picking on a misunderstood weakling so that the other kids on the playground feel intimidated and scared. The President merely used this opportunity and the unsubstantiated reports of WMD to kill many birds with one stone.
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Re: Re: Re: Re: War With Iraq

Submitted: 2003-12-16 20:37:25.000 (post #: 238)

I realized that you wrote these comments back in 2002. I am impressed because that's exactly what we did this year is bomb the shit out of Baghdad. And for what? Now we have to spend billions of American taxpayers money to repair the damages.
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Iraq War
Denver Patriot
Submitted: 2006-06-05 18:41:44.000 (post #: 538)

This "war for oil" makes me both sad and sick. Our men and women in the armed forces are being used as puppets for greedy, evil men for the purpose of war profiteering, plain and simple. I've read that there are a number of Iraq war vets who are running for local government offices this fall as Democrats. And so the "swiftboating" shall, no doubt, once again begin. HOWEVER, THIS time they are ready, unlike with Kerry.
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No Comment
angelika bertrand
Submitted: 2008-05-27 13:08:26.000 (post #: 2230)

Yeah, I will be shot at now I know. But I have told a lot of my friends that this war against Iraq was so unjustified. We had absolutley no rights to even start it and go into this country. I think what President Bush has started, will hunt us for the rest of our lives. Cause , every one in the world, will know that "The Americans" are marching into foreign land. And for what real reason? Please that excuse of mass weapons and aresenals. Geeze, I had to laugh when I heard that excuse. The only truthful reason is the greed of the Bush family to expand their own pockets and get rich of foreign oil. Come on, if we not see that than we are all blind. Really! I hope America wakes up this election year, and will not vote for another Republican. As we will sink deeper and deeper into the black hole. Iraq was not justified. Killing Sadam Hussein, was not our's to do. It should have been those of the Iraqi government . That's all I have to say to that. I know one thing.The good Lord above will punish Bush when his time will come!
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