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- Grethe

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My Hero...
Submitted: 2002-11-13 23:41:21.000 (post #: 196)

Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer was at my girlfriend's work as a guest speaker today. Oh, what I would have given to be there and meet Grethe again. I saw her 2 years ago at Seattle's Gay Pride event in full uniform and oh my - she made my knees quiver and next thing I know, I had tears running down my face because I was so overwhelmed with admiration and respect for the best example of Lesbian womanhood and strength I have ever been graced to know. In other words - Grethe made me cry! But it was the good kind of crying! *smile* And let me tell you: she looks great in her uniform. So, anyways, my girlfriend brought me home an autograph from Colonel Cammermeyer. I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning. I just want to say THANK YOU for being my hero!
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Re: My Hero...

Submitted: 2003-09-12 21:06:02.000 (post #: 231)

At least dis broad knows a hero when she sees one.
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