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Practice what we preach - the ban on gays.
A service member
Submitted: 2002-12-01 13:11:24.000 (post #: 202)

It seems like everyone wants to point at the policy and say that they have to uphold it because it is there, but no one wants to talk about whether it is right or wrong. I beleive many military leaders use policy as a cop out for not thinking. It is unfair to soldiers, who are just people trying to lead honorable lives, and it is unfair to the country, who pay out of their pockets to educate and train folks who then get kicked out for being gay (who are usually still very willing to serve their country). The incident at DLI is a great example of this. Lets just think about it for a moment: we as a nation are trying to convey to the world that all humans are equal, no one deserves to be the target of terrorism, and human life is to be valued. We preach tolerance. Then we say only straight Americans are allowed to be the ambassadors of this message. Perhaps our hypocrisy is hurting our message?
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