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- Grethe

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Acceptance is Long Overdue
Pat Styles
Submitted: 2003-02-01 23:10:55.000 (post #: 209)

I don't know whether this is appropriate for your Message Board, I merely share it as my view of 'Your' Issue. Through 1961, I worked in the NCO Club at a USAF Base not far from London. Young and naive at the time, I became the unwilling and horrified catalyst for an incident of large scale racially motivated fighting in the barracks. In August of that year, the East Germans built the Berlin Wall. Thirty years on, I learned that the US Military was still struggling with issues of prejudice and discrimination - and ten years later this hasn't changed. There is far more to a person than their sexual orientation, so why make is necessary for some individuals to focus on that aspect of themselves in situations where it isn't relevant - only through fear of being 'discovered'? I'd be surprised if racial prejudice still exists in your Military to the extent that I saw evidence of it in the early 60's - and Germany is now one nation. The "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" policy does not deserve to survive either! Please accept this as a simple expression of my support for your cause, and I hope that very soon your fight for equality will be won. From Pat in Western Australia. Can I add, on another track, that news of the space shuttle tragedy greeted us in Australia this [Sunday] morning. I think I can safely say that the whole of this country is shocked, saddened and sharing your collective grief. Just thought I'd let you know!
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