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Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2007-08-03 13:22:09.000 (post #: 2213)

I loved the movie and the message it intended to convey which is why I am slightly disappointed that the physical relationship was so gracefully side stepped. Why was there only one tiet lipped kiss at the end of the movie? Lesbians are so hungry to see the physical in tv and movies, despite all the demand if its not cable or some scuzzy porn flick all thats seen are segestive endings and crappy kisses. I'm not asking for the full on but its got to better then it is. In 1990 nypd blue aired ass and its 2007 and I can remember eve seeing ellen getting some real action. I think we need to get queer hipsters some money and a video camara and let them make some shows- then logo can play something other then newnownext.
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Re: Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2007-08-21 22:40:38.000 (post #: 2215)

My Goodness if you did not see all the suttle love in that movie you were sleeping .To Us nothing was side stepped but we are older. My Partner and i love that movie . we have it and see it about 5 times a year . Oh yes my partner is retired army . a lifer and that was a senior NCO as high as one goes in the army . i loved all the affection that was displayed in a such tastefull manner . We ( my partner and I ) smile each time we watch it . Cherie Spouse of a Retired ( fully safe) SGM
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Re: Re: Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2008-03-11 07:13:12.000 (post #: 2223)

I for one has also wished the film showed a bit more of their relationship, but then I realized the film is based on real people living here and now. Personally I will not feel very comfortable about exposing the private moments of my relationship to the public. It is sacred. I enjoyed the film many times as is. Well done.
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Re: Re: Re: Serving in Silence
Angelika Bertrand
Submitted: 2008-05-28 13:13:24.000 (post #: 2231)

I have read and re-read the book. And I seen the movie. I think it was not the purpose to portrait , real Lesbian affection. It was too portrait what have happened To Ret. Colonel Cammermeyer. As such I think, we ought to respect it for what it stands for. Her stand against the Army and the Don't Ask, Don't tell policy. Her fought to regain her position. I think she was unfairly treated by the Army , period. She has proudly served this country, during a period of conflict of war, which we should not have entered. But we always feel that it is our duty, to provide military service to foreign country's. She has proudly served. I wished she still would serve and have become the Chief Army in Charge. I do not know what the exact military term for that poisition is. But if you were looking for sexual inclination, portrait on the movie, that was not what it was intented to be. The real message was :"The treatment of the Army towards Col. Cammermeyer. As such we ought to give our respects to that women! She is my heroe and hopefully one day, this policy will fall down on it's feet.
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Re: Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2008-06-14 23:47:56.000 (post #: 2236)

Just saw the movie last night. Very tasteful in my eyes. Just enough physical affection was shown to make it appropriate for all audiences. I was even comfortable to show some of it to my kids (7 and 5). They liked the explosions at the beginning and the football at the beach. Good movie!
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Re: Re: Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2008-11-24 23:38:15.000 (post #: 2273)

The first time I saw Serving In Silence was when it aired in 95. At the time I was 34 and was scared to come out. Of course i taped and I watched it a few more times (it was very good). Well watching helped me come out. After seeing this movie I was no longer scared. It was because the movie seemed so natural. Thank You Grethe for sharing your story with us. You gave me the strength to live my live.
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Serving In Silence

Submitted: 2009-09-14 07:24:11.000 (post #: 2303)

It is this film, your story that taught me who I am. Thank you xx
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