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Veterans History Project
Submitted: 2007-08-16 16:35:37.000 (post #: 2214)

Colonel Cammermeyer, as you know, I emailed you about this, but I felt it important for everyone to see this on the message board. Anyone reading this is free to contact me. Please know I am a student, and my studies take priority. So because of this and the volume of responses I may get, there may be some delay in my getting back to you. So here's the email I sent to Colonel Cammermeyer. Colonel Cammermeyer: I'm a heterosexual court reporting student in the San Francisco Bay Area. I recently began participation in the Library of Congressís Veterans History Project through the National Court Reporters Association. The NCRA was approached by the LOC for volunteers to transcribe stories of vets, which will be posted on the LOC website for historians and anyone doing historical research. I told the NCRA, of which I am a student member, that I would participate provided I focus on vets of the LGBT community. The NCRA is very excited about this and highly supports me. It is because of you that I chose this niche. You are one of my heroines. I posted over 200 fliers in San Francisco. I know recounting military experience can be very difficult no matter what your sex or sexual orientation, so it isnít surprising that my volunteers trickled in to being three. In addition to them, the GLBT Historical Society put me in contact with Dr. Steve Estes of Sonoma State University. You are probably aware of his exhibit, Outranks. I was so pleased to see you featured in the exhibit. I have transcribed two interviews by Dr. Estes of two gay men and three by me, two gay men and one transgender male to female. All their stories are so gripping, as is yours. I learned so much that I never got in my history classes, not just about historical events, but about the great roles the LGBT community plays in our global society. One of my subjects was very grateful that I was doing this and did not know about the project until I contacted her. She told me she feels it is so important for the youths of the LGBT community to know that they have a history and that they can continue being a positive force in the world. I couldnít agree with her more. But I added that it is important for all people, especially all young people, to know the important role the LGBT community has played and continues to play in our global society in order to foster and instill tolerance and respect of all people. As you can see, I am very passionate about my niche in this project. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. *** PS - My fliers were posted at businesses and organizations that cater to the LGBT community. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to participate, please do contact me. If you're not in the San Francisco Bay Area and still want to participate, contact me anyway and we'll go from there. Keep in mind your stories will be included in our country's annals, WHERE THEY SHOULD BE!!! ****
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