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some day it will fall
Submitted: 2008-01-17 21:17:23.000 (post #: 2221)

Good Evening All as a Spouse of a retired 25 year army veteran, i do truely believe that the dont ask dont tell rule will fall. Come 2009 we will have another president and with that , People will see that Gay people pose no danger to the ability of any branch of the armed forces to function. we are losing valuable people to discharges . across the board any country that has allowed gay people to serve openly , has felt no ill effect on their armed forces readness to function. are we less than other countrys / NO / not better but equal. i hope that when the rule falls they ask for the hidden spouses to speak on what it was like to be so invisible. I for one will be in the front of the volunter line . Have a Blessed New Year Cherie
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