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You're an inspiration
Submitted: 2008-02-17 23:32:32.000 (post #: 2222)

I just finished watching Serving in Silence on the LOGO network and I was really moved by your story. You are such an inspiration. My father served in the Army during Vietnam too. His son, my brother, is also a homosexual. For whatever reason, I feel a connection with you. I really hope justice prevails in the long run. Thank you for sharing your story with me and countless others. It was an honor learning about you. God bless.
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Mia from Bklyn,NY
Submitted: 2008-04-21 09:21:44.000 (post #: 2227)

Yeah I just finished watching the movie on LOGO. You are super brave and cool!!!!!
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Re: No Comment
Submitted: 2009-07-15 08:22:18.000 (post #: 2299)

Your story is one that I have heard over the years, as I served in the US Navy. I must admit though, I only saw the movie about your story this morning on LOGO. I truly find inspiration in the stories I read about fellow Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen who have forged paths before me or who are currently living the life of secret as I have done for the past 20 years. I am due to retire after 20 years and will then start my transition to make my outside appearance match the my woman inside. I feel I have served honorably, as I'm sure you and countless others do. I am proud of my service and affiliation, as much as I am of myself for finally coming to terms with myself and learning to deal with that, continue to serve, and now embark on the next part of my life, one where I can be happy with myself and at some point the person I see in the mirror.
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Submitted: 2009-09-29 11:59:36.000 (post #: 2311)

i too have just seen the movie,serving in silence,shown on network tv here.it moved me to look you up on the internet and send you my thought and congratulations on your fight to stand up for what you believe in,i admit (for whatever reasons,probably the wrong ones)that i am not the most tolerant person,however i do believe that everyone should have the choice in how they conduct their private lives,and i commend you for standing up to fight for your personal choices and the threat of losing a long and distinguished career serving your country in the face of such blind prejudice.your service record and the rank you attained proves that no matter what your sexual orientation is,you are more than capable of doing the job your duty asked of you,and i am glad to hear the supreme court allowed you to continue to do so.i am not a military man (nor am i gay btw)but i understand the importance of honour and duty and the privelige you must have felt serving the security of your nation for the entirety of your military career and to feel 'forced out' because you are 'incompatible'with army regulations must have been devastating for you.i do hope that your story and others in your situation has helped to change the 'stick in the ass' attitudes of army morals,im both your country and my own.you are an inspiration to gay and lesbians in all walks of life,not just the armed forces and long may you continue to fight to change attitudes and allow all soldiers to continue to serve in such times as these without fear of prejudice against the life they choose to lead,they have a hard enough time fighting for freedom in the middle east as it is.god be with you and your partner of 20 years now ?wow,and my condolences to you and your family on the loss of your son.be well and continue to make a difference,im sure your son continues to be proud of you.
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