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lesbian mothers, lesbian mothers of special needs children
betsy ford
Submitted: 2003-07-02 12:28:24.000 (post #: 223)

hi i wanted to contact the group: i am a lesbian single mother of a special needs little boy. he has "Prader-Willi Syndrome complicated by Mosaic Trisomy-15." what does THAT mean, you ask..? well, ask. my contact info is attached. i am a west point graduate who is in the intelligencee communityie working the warron t4errorism. it is very scary work, life is very interesting, and life is very channeled. there arent many outlets for a single mother in the lesbian community. and jakey is the most loving and wonderful little guy, except that at age 5 he is in his terrible twos...agh. "nwwoooohh...." (i.e. "No"), he says, to any activity that Mamma previously did for or with him. gads. so, what's going on out there? are there other women who are interested in learning about not just gay-lesbian issues but also issues related to family, like genetic syndromes? are there women who realize that our role as women means that we have a role as 'mothers' [or not, depending on your thing....;)]? are there lesbians out there who are interested in issues related to family and choice? women like me are interested in starting dialogs with you, as we know we don't have the market on knowledge, and as we know others think of all kinds of things we dont... just a tickle for the group.... please make your responses known to the group. vr, betsy b. contact me via: eford65@a0l.com MAKE YOUR SUBJ CLEAR...I WILL INADVERTANTLY DELETE YOU AS SPAM IF YOU DONT MAKE ME REALIZE I NEED TO READ YOUR EMAIL.... tks...b
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Lesbian mom
Submitted: 2003-12-06 16:46:54.000 (post #: 234)

I could enlighten a lot of women. But I'm not here to conduct instruction. I have 4 children, two with ADHD, one with RAD/ADD and possible PTSD and all three with learning deficite. All were born drug addicted. They are now 11 (oh yeah, they are triplets!) Then the fourth one has CP and has other brain disorders. He's wheelchair bound. He is 9. I used to share motherhood with my long-term partner of 13 years. And yes, we adopted all four. Unfortunately, my partner died a couple years ago so now I am the soul mother. It is very trying to keep up but I'm doing OK. I now have a relationship with a wonderful woman but I refuse to let my children know. Not until her life is ironed out and she is "out" as well. She is also a vet. She dragged me to the VA hospital recently to get the full benefit of VA since now I am afflicted with MS. But now, altho I only see my children a couple times a week, I have never lost that kinship with them. I am with the foster parents step by step thru their growth and will be there even as they may go to long-term foster care. My children go thru the same as most children. One is in special education and one in a CP school.
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