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- Grethe

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Mickey Wallace
Submitted: 2008-06-13 06:24:27.000 (post #: 2235)

I joined the WAVES right out of high school in 1954 .. had highly successful job as Radioman at a Naval Air Station .. served almost 4 years until a roommate made some stupid remark about us kissing. I too was struggling with "am I/am I not?" .. I too found solace in a razor blade. I'm now 72 and so appreciate the person I am, bisexual or whatever, and love the loves I've had, most with whom I still remain close. The Navy lost an excellent RM with me, the Army a superb woman and nurse with you. And like you, I'm saddened all the time by the failure of my government to live up to the faith I had in it. Cheers to you, my dear ... first saw the Glenn Close/Judy Davis production long ago, just finished your book, WOW! Must go feed my kitties and write a bit more on my book(s), one of which I'm calling "ME, THE NAVY, AND THE FBI"!
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