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- Grethe

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Response to post #213
Pat Styles
Submitted: 2003-07-27 23:38:54.000 (post #: 225)

This is not a 'New' message. I'm responding to that of "Why we may not have Equality for some time" after having 'dropped in' to see what's new - but I couldn't find a darned 'Submit' button on the 'reply' page! Here's my reply to post #213: Have you not heard that those who are most verhmently opposed to homosexuals and homosexuality are actually having great difficulty accepting that very tendency in their own nature? If one is truly comfortable with themselves, then they do not feel threatened by any other person who is different. I agree with you, Grethe. Segregation is not the answer as it would just be condoning the ignorance and reinforcing the prejudice that led to it. We should all get on with living our life in a manner that spreads a spirit of acceptance, hope and goodwill. To do so will always place us in good company. To do otherwise is surely the greatest imaginable affront to our creator.
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