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Military sexual trauma
Submitted: 2008-10-14 15:35:17.000 (post #: 2262)

After many years of "stowing it", I discovered that there are MANY women, active or nonactive, who are survivors of military sexual trauma!! My VA has assistance for us and even C&P for service-connected claims from MST and/or PTSD. To my surprise, there are women from different eras--WWII to Iraq--of miliary service. Most women I know are victims because of the refusal or indifference of the military "authority" while they are (were) active-duty. In my case, I didn't even try to get help because my superior (rapist) would be believed over me, which is the common case for many women. What's interesting is that several women who are survivors, happen to be lesbian! I don't know the ratio but even 1 out of 10 is too much. And it seems that is a double-edged sword against lesbians since the "hyper-masculine military male" hates women and gays. (I read the book "Honor Betrayed" and it gave me plenty of insight) It's appauling to hear that although there's positive hype about Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard women and their accomplishments, there's a large number of women who have been harrassed, assulted and abused mentally, emotionally, and physically!! I wish that this issue could be circulated in ANY GLBT military organization. All I ever see is DADT. Even that issue will take years to resolve as most of us commonly know. The military can be snail slow about civilian pressured issues. Has anyone known about this serious issue of MST? What can be done? Where?
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Re: Military sexual trauma

Submitted: 2009-03-08 20:29:56.000 (post #: 2287)

There recently was a very well done article on women being harrassed, assaulted, raped - in the Ms. Magazine. I believe it was in the Fall 2008 issue (if not then it was definitely in the current winter issue). Check it out.
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Re: Military sexual trauma
ruth k
Submitted: 2014-10-21 03:58:13.000 (post #: 2446)

Hi. Thanx for writing about this. I've only recently been willing/able to disclose that I was raped while on active duty during the Vietnam War Era. Because I am gay, I knew that during the ensuing investigation my sexual orientation would come out (sorry 'bout that), and I would be discharged with less than honorable for that reason. I had intended to make the military my career. I was a good troop and proud to be a G.I.. With the help of the Veterans Administration, I've filed a claim for the PTSD I've been diagnosed with (by a V.A. physician), but my claim was denied because there was no record of the incident in my records. Well, duh. Of course there was no record. I did not report it. I believe that there are many more gay folks (men & women) who were unable to report their assault because of their sexual orientation. I would like for us to join forces and find an advocate for our dilemma. I'm not going to just let it go. I've done as we were told, to "suck it up, troop", and I'm not going to stay in hiding any more.
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