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Aren't We all Human?
Submitted: 2003-08-28 15:54:49.000 (post #: 228)

I'm 22, a soon to be MP in the British Army, come February I'll take my rank of Lance Corporal. Although I can't technically be kicked out because of my sexual orientation anymore, in the back of my mind I am secretley terrified of how I could be treated. I have never really lead a closeted life before, especially not at work or amongst friends. But things are not right in the British Army, for example the "suicides" at Deepcut barracks which many believe are the work of a murderer/murderers, suicide rates are at an alarmingly high rate...you have to wonder; why? Nothing will make me prouder than the day I don my redcap, I would gladly put my life on the line (for want of a better cliche!) trying to defend the people I love and care for, the people in my country. But its still there, I'm about to change my life, in what way and will it be for the better? That truely scares me. People to seem to forget that although we have different coloured skins, different religions, different sexual orientations, we above everything else are all human beings.
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Re: Aren't We all Human?
Carol "Chip" Watkins
Submitted: 2003-09-02 14:19:42.000 (post #: 229)

Being Ex U.S. Air Force, forced to resign because of my sexual orientation in 1975 I understand the fears you have. I too was very proud to wear my uniform and gladly would have laid down my life for my country. But my country turned against me. Like so many gays in the military, we aren't considered anything but second class citizens. I do believe in my heart that the day will come when that part of my being is no longer important. It might not be during my lifetime, since I am 53 yers old now, but I believe the day will come when it isn't such a factor. I have faith in my country and I believe that someday they will do what is right by us. Look how long the African Americans have fought for what they have now. Our struggle is really in its youth in comparison. The only advice I will offer you is to be the Best Soldier you can be because when it all boils down to it, the only ones you truly have to answer to are yourself and whatever Higher Power you believe in.
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Re: Aren't We all Human?
Jamie McNett
Submitted: 2003-09-12 21:02:48.000 (post #: 230)

As a man who is feeling very older each day, I applaud your attitude. Please do not ask for reason, fairness, or even sanity. Be a friend, so that you may, with luck, find friends. Algerian French guy, name of Camus, spun the Myth of Sisifis (my spelling gags) that may be of service. Smile
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Re: Aren't We all Human?
Ingrid Walker
Submitted: 2003-10-19 19:41:08.000 (post #: 232)

TO Eliane: I serve in Canada, where we too are "allowed" to be gay and be in the service. I have never been more proud of myself than when I took my commision. I have never been so ashamed as when I realized that some people who hold the same commision as mine are a bunch of bigoted, intellectually narrow, paleolithic excuses for leaders. Once I got over that and learned to separate people from their behaviours (an essential though somewhat numbing skill) I came to a point where I could see beyond my peers' inability to evolve. I looked instead at the petty officers with thirty years in, who were asking me if I would like to do lunch with them and their children, if I didn't mind, because they wanted their kids to see I was just like any other person. I looked at the sailors who in foreign ports chose to have parties in hotel rooms with their mates who were gay, instead of going to strictly straight bars. I look at all of my friends, in all rank groups, who accept me for who and what I am. Even though you are protected, you will still encounter some frustration and hostility. If you want to make it work and not go crazy, try to look for the positive aspects of your service life. Be careful to be completely ethical in all that you do, be selective with you disclosure, and be a model soldier. Your actions will definitely speak louder than words ever could. Above all, listen to your own words...don't forget that we're all human. GOod luck!
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No Comment
Submitted: 2011-09-08 12:01:18.000 (post #: 2409)

As another human, I would like to suggest we all get a healthy dose of self compassion so we can treat each other better than we do.
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