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Gay's with Mental Health
Submitted: 2009-01-24 18:41:28.000 (post #: 2280)

Greetings all, Just a note that I am starting a social group at the local mental health place I attend. The social group is for clients who are Gay/Lesbian. They maynot feel safe going to a mainstream gay/lesbian place. We are starting 2 Wednesdays a month until there are enough to turn this into a weekly group. We will be playing pool, cards and other activities in a safe location. Also, we will be having movies as well, and one of the movies that came to the top of my head was "Serving In Silence". I will let you know how this works. Cheers !
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Re: Gay's with Mental Health
Submitted: 2009-02-19 23:33:11.000 (post #: 2284)

I am curious as to where you are starting this clinic and support group since it sounds as if you may be in some remote location. So many cities have open accepting communities making being out and true to yourself is celebrated. Serving in Silence may be a place to start for those struggling with coming out to themselves and dealing with family. There is a wonderful DVD called In-Laws Out-Laws which is wonderful as it describes the lives of couples, some of whom have been together for years. A great gift to those wondering about the future.
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