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You are a Hero
Submitted: 2009-05-23 13:42:46.000 (post #: 2295)

I served 20 years and I feel ignorant for not having known back then the great service you did and continue to do for our gays who serve proudly in the military. You are brave beyond anyone I served with. I am going through a similar discovery myself now. Your life and what you did by coming out and being honest make me wish it had happened sooner with me so I might fight the fight as well. You rock, Colonel. A retired LTC
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Re: You are a Hero
Major David
Submitted: 2009-09-29 11:12:23.000 (post #: 2308)

I served in the British Army and am proud to be a fellow 'Brother in Arms'. That language itself speaks volumes about the nature of our armed seRvices.I watched the movie and was moved deeply by your story. I am straight but I salute all who have served regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation. I salute you!
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Re: Re: You are a Hero
Submitted: 2009-09-29 18:12:41.000 (post #: 2316)

Thank you for your note, no doubt it is because of enlightened people like you that understand that sexual orientation is personal and has no bearing on a persons ability to serve their country in the military. The British military is so far advanced on this issue and of course set the standard. Perhaps one day we will be there in the near future. I salute you back.
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