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- Grethe

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Cherie LongSutter
Submitted: 2010-12-18 19:38:01.000 (post #: 2384)

My partner( retired SGM)and i are so over joyed with todays wonderful news !! God Bless Those wonderful people who voted to bring the bill to the floor with 65 votes . now in the next few days . it will come for a vote on that same floor! where only a simple majority(51) is needed to be passed and sent to the president for signing! he has already said he would sign it ! I know ( as does My retired Spouse ) that it will take come time to fully put in place and allow me to get an ID. Thats okay i have waited this long i can wait longer. what i have learned is the armed forces already has 76 page manual ready to help with this process . sigh* all smiles here :-) Have a wonderful holiday Cherie LongSutter
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