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Serving in Silence
Gladys Sroczynski
Submitted: 2011-09-23 20:03:19.000 (post #: 2413)

My husband and I just this minute finished viewing the DVE, Serving in Silence. I headed straight to the internet to find your biography and to see what you went on to do after 1994/95. Your story made me cry, literally! A true American hero is what you are!! God bless you!! You serve as the most wonderful role model for all of us! You had the courage to stand up/speak up for real human rights; for justice and human dignity! Thank you! Thank you for who you are!!!
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Re: Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2011-09-24 20:00:59.000 (post #: 2414)

Thank you for your very kind words. It is amazing that it took 21 years for vindication of the effort to overturn the ban against gays serving in the military. I was so furtunate to have such extraordinary support in the beginning and an army now that helped change the world.
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