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- Grethe

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Thank you
Submitted: 2012-11-27 09:58:21.000 (post #: 2428)

It's been about 9 yrs. ago that I read your book and wrote you an e-mail. I had been married 16 yrs and was afraid of him and afraid of coming out. You wrote me back an inspiring note that I credit with giving me the courage to get out. I have been with the love of my life for 8 years now.My family loves her and hers loves me and my daughter and her have a wonderful relationship. Thank you for giving me the life I have. You are my hero.
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Re: Thank you
Submitted: 2013-05-28 09:56:50.000 (post #: 2434)

Congratulations on standing up for yourself. You give me too much credit. You made the decision and action which is always very difficult. I am glad your life is rich with true love as you live your truth.
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