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Congratulations to the Bride and Bride .... part deux! :)
Adaire Salome
Submitted: 2012-12-07 12:56:10.000 (post #: 2429)

Just read the news on FB today (Equal Rights Washington) about your marriage to your beloved Diane. Congratulations! As a military partner to a woman in the Navy, I am truly proud and forever thankful for your courage and your partner's courage to stand by you. My partner and I lived under DADT only 2 1/2 years, which gave me enough taste of 2nd class citizenship that still leaves a bitter residue I can't seem to rinse out. Thanks to the two of you for standing up and risking all, so that we would one day see the fruits of your labor with the repeal of DADT. Right now, I share the amazing support of the American Military Partners Association, who has been the family support I have needed when there was nothing else. It would be wonderful to add both your views and experiences as our group has a rather long and bumpy learning curve as far as military partner support goes. But today is your day to enjoy. Blessings to you both! most sincerely, Adaire
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Re: Congratulations to the Bride and Bride .... part deux! :)
Submitted: 2013-05-28 17:40:07.000 (post #: 2435)

A very belated response and thank you for your kind letter. Those 20 years of fighting for repeal were beyond description of going from being hated for existing to finally supported culminating in repeal. Vindication for the effort was with repeal. So many hundreds of people worked for that to happen. Diane and I were "fortunate" to be among the first in this round of efforts but others certainly preceded us. I think Glenn Close, Barbara Streisand and my co author Chris Fisher were very instrumental in breaking the stereotypes which existed before "we all came out". I am so pleased you are getting support from the AMPA, you are now the trailblazer and teacher for the organization and the future. We still need for DOMA to go before true equality can begin but one little step at a time. Diane and I are happily married (after 24 years of courting), and appreciate you kind thoughts.
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