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Important Role Models
Cari Krippner
Submitted: 2014-08-04 10:46:36.000 (post #: 2443)

Dear Colonel, The first time I saw you was probably 23 years ago when you spoke at Central University when my Sweetie was there getting her Masters. It was just a casual affair. You sat down and talked to a small gathering in a dorm by the geography department and answered questions. I was totally blown away! I wasn't a kid. I was one of the adults cowering in the back. I had just moved to WA from the Midwest where I was hit with tomatoes, spit at, and had police protection at our Pride parade. I remember thinking WOW, I want to be like her...strong, with conviction and full of faith...and a sense of humor. I just received an email to march in Whidbey Islands 1st Pride parade. I hope our band can make it to help celebrate. We both came from the same time period: The time when we could and did get fired for who we were.The time when I never imagined I would marry the woman I loved. Through your choices, myself and many others have been inspired to stand up to many injustices. I know the pain and hurt that will continue to haunt you, but as I celebrate 29 years with my WIFE, I also know the love and joy that I never knew was possible...because of people like you. Thank you for being a role model and a Veteran. The world is changing in ways I never dreamed it would...my niece is Facebooking pictures of her and her Sweetie actually kissing proudly for the whole world to see and my once homophobic brother actually "likes" it! Yes, each and every Pride parade is important and I march in as many as I can. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hardships and for fighting for ALL of us!!! I hope we meet again. I will be playing the purple trombone :)
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