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Soldiering is a personal commitment
Sarge C
Submitted: 2005-04-02 13:37:54.000 (post #: 274)

Howdy Ma'am: I served with reasonable achievement in the Army for 12 and a half years. I was retired at the end of 12 and a half years with a disability for a mental disorder which later proved out to be PTSD. I was exposed to all sorts of bigotry and prejudice within the Army at several levels. It is shameful that an individual whose heart is in the right place can't serve their country for the right reasons. I am a heterosexual male who attempts to respect other people based on their innate worth in relation to their wiilingness to contribute what they can to this country. If I were to be wounded in combat, I wouldn't be too concerned about who or what dragged me back to safety. Or who or what put me back together. When we start precluding people from public service because of this issue or that, we start robbing ourselves of our most precious of resources--a person who is willing to risk it all for the safety and betterment of his family, friends, and countrymen. It is "E Pluribus, Unum", baby. I wish the best for you and yours.
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