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- Grethe

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Serving in SIlence
Submitted: 2005-12-03 04:49:36.000 (post #: 336)

I came home from work early yesterday and caught the end of this film. I live in the UK. I was hugely impressed with your story and I just came online today to find out if you were reinstated. So glad to find you were! I am straight but I just don't understand the continuing prejudice against gays. Good luck and I hope your life continues to be a good and happy one!
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Re: Serving in SIlence
Submitted: 2005-12-07 04:51:12.000 (post #: 342)

Thank you for dropping me a note. Straight friends will continue to make the difference in acceptance and embracing of glbt folks. Prejudice is a learned feeling and very difficult to change so how you help is by speaking out on our bahalf, and our job is to continue to give the the ammunition to be outraged. Thank you for caring.
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Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2006-04-20 06:17:23.000 (post #: 509)

Dr Grethe, the telemovie has been a huge inspiration to me, as has the book. (I'm glad to see you're working on a sequel.) My copy of the video has been played MANY times over and is being worn. I often check Amazon and other places to look for a DVD release but never find one. If you still have any contact/influence with the producers, could you please see if a DVD release would ever be possible? I'm sure I'd not be the only person to be grateful! All my love to you and Dianne.
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Re: Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2006-04-21 13:51:25.000 (post #: 510)

The DVD of Serving in Silence plus another CD with outtakes, interviews and premier events will be out on 4 July from Sony.
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Serving in Silence
Submitted: 2007-07-30 10:27:53.000 (post #: 2209)

Hi, Just saw the film. It was shown on Afternoon TV in the UK on 11th July. Glad you were reinstated and continue the fight. So sorry to read about your Son. I'm straight but do agree with your cause. Take care and keep up the good work!
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