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- Grethe

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Being Bi
Submitted: 2005-12-12 10:46:45.000 (post #: 347)

Grethe, you are such an inspiration. Reading your biography was a wonderful journey, and I have also had the honor of seeing the film based upon your story- it was fantastic! Your strength is a model for us all. I wonder about your views on bisexuals? I find we often "slip through the cracks" in the GLBT community, and worse yet- I've run into so much pigeonholing on the subject- it's most discouraging. Please take our fight along with you, and speak to the world- we are not "confused" and we can no more be "converted" to "full gay" or "full hetero"- than a homosexual can "convert" a heterosexual "to gay". The very idea in fact, is offensive, wouldn't you agree? And yet.. I hear more prejudice (including the above) from my own support community (GLBT) than I do from heterosexuals. That is indeed, a terrible disappointment, for it seems we are accepted & supported by neither and none at times. "The best of both worlds" or "conveniently gay" - no matter the "amusing phrase" they are all hurtful & completely unfair. Please remind our sisters and brothers in the community, that we ARE here too, we DO count, and we should NOT be dismissed or looked down upon. Why after all, should anyone be looking for more ways in which to divide us? Together, we can accomplish SO much more! Warmest regards, Laura
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Re: Being Bi
Submitted: 2007-11-13 14:43:03.000 (post #: 2220)

I so agree with you Laura. I am not Bi but have friends who are bi. I think it is very rude of others in our GLBT community to discriminate against our own . It's hard already to be Bi or any other sexual orientation. Or it's even hard to be a gay men. I have several great male friends who are gay. And there is even gay bashing against those males. I found it rather difficult to believe that some lesbian's aren't open minded. I found them rather to be close minded on such a subject. I have been married twice in my life to heterosexual men. I did not come out to late in my life. I was stuck in a marriage when I came to the USA. I atented University. Here I became involved in the gay alliance group. It answered so many questions for my self. Why I always felt that I was so different. I could never pin point it. As when I grew up in Germany, as why the other girls had boy friends, and bracked about having them. They talked about their dates. And I all could offer was what I did on the weekend. Going with my grand parents to musicals, or playing my instruments in the band. or going different directions. Pretty soon I was outed. Not as a dyke or lesbian. But no one wanted to be friends with me any more. Cause I was so boring. I loved the Arts, the music. My grand parents gave me the gift of purchasing a piano and my guitar. And yes, a very private music instructor. I ended up in a youth choir and a band. I loved it. I got to travel to places while doing what I loved doing, singing and playing my music and preforming. When I than came to the USA. I have had several nervous break downs. I read that book called "From wedded wife to Lesbianism." I do not recall the author's name. I found my self so ill after wards and turmoiled that I wished, I could have died. My husband had somewhat some clue. Cause out of the blue, one night when he was on buzz, he asked me:" Am I am married to a Lesbian." I was so dumb struck, and scared to pieces, that I shrugg it off. So yes, it can feel confusing, and yes it can feel intimidating, when you being discriminated . Lot's of people in my inner University circle thought I was Bi or I was butch. I was neither. Just a plain simple lesbian. I have been together with my wife now, for seven years. Out of the seven years, we had our holy union. I love every minute of it and I am whole. So Laura, do not feel hurt, just help educate those who are dumb founded. Greetings from Utah. Gosh, I now have shared my life,s story. I have never done that before. But it feels great. Love you all. Angelika Bertrand
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