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The VA is the best
Submitted: 2006-04-27 13:22:41.000 (post #: 523)

I've been diagnosed 5 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis. It has been quite a struggle dealing with this disease. My whole world was overturned. I'm living alone right now in an apartment in a quiet area (finally!). I did own a house, car and had kids. I sold them and the kids are living with relatives now. Shortly after my MS diagnosis, a friend of mine (a Navy vet) pushed to have me go to the VA. I fought her tooth and nail since I remember how I was "outed" from the service. Finally to prove I wasn't qualified, I enrolled only to find that they accepted me quickly because of my diagnosis. So... My kudos go to the VA!!! I don't give a rats patoot what others whine about the VA system...I think it's outstanding. They are always on top of my physical well-being. Rechecking my medications, my therapies, and offers the women's clinic (a 2 thumbs up) and mental health. I go every week for physical therapy and I'm thrilled with my neuro doc. My therapist is helping me FINALLY deal with the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and the MST that tore me from the military in the first place...uhhh let's say about 20 years ago. I learned I can make a claim for MST (military sexual trauma) with any records and contacts I had. I dug out those papers that were yellowed. Somehow with a hope that I will finally be acknowledged it happened since I wasn't then. Shortly after that I was "outed" and deamed as be unsuitable for service. Oh and btw...The federal laws "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is costing us millions of dollars and is hurting glbt instead of helping. Witch hunts are more than ever. A friend got snagged recently then discharged. So I'm in force with the SLDN. Last but not least Grethe, you are my hero!!
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