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The Constitution
Denver Patriot
Submitted: 2006-06-05 19:18:49.000 (post #: 540)

I recently wrote a letter to a congresswoman voicing my disgust with my government, both the GOP AND the Democrats. I asked her why they are not doing anything to uphold their Oath of Office, pointing out that it's the EXACT SAME OATH our soldiers have to take AND RISK THEIR LIVES FOR. I'll probably get some standard form letter from an office lacky, who will likely be the ONLY person to read it. I don't really care-I spoke my mind and that's exercising my First Ammendment rights. Still, being a former soldier myself (though not a war veteran) my heart aches for those who are currently serving in this "war of choice" over in that hell hole in the Middle East. This war is CRIMINAL!! The Bush mafia needs to be tried and prosecuted...and sent, not to prison, but to Iraq, or wherever else they are plotting to attack.
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