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ALL Military Personnel: Don't Ask Don't Tell prohibits gay, lesbain, bisexual servicemembers from disclosing sexual orientation. Your personal computer can be confiscated and searched so be extremely cautious about which computers are used and the e-mail you save. Do not use a military or government computer to search the web or receive mail which may put your career in jeopardy.
Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer ret

If we continue to hide in our self-made closet, waiting for others to fight for our civil and human rights, it will not happen. You know the issues that need to be changed and you must be the catalyst, the change agent. We are responsible for our own destiny and have at our disposal wonderful tools to communicate for social change. As easily as you read this, you can communicate with your elected representatives to let them know of our collective concerns about social and human rights, about the separation of church and state, about domestic and international partnership recognition, about overturning the law prohibiting gays and lesbians from serving in the military without jeopardy. We serve our country best by participating in the political process, by voting, by staying informed, by informing our elected officials we are watching. We serve best, not by standing and waiting for others but by acting now. Find your passion and be heard, make a difference.

National/Federal Issues
Discrimination in the work-place
Domestic Partnership recognition for same-sex couples
Granting all citizens equal rights for partners of other nationalities, just as with heterosexual married couples.
Social security benefits for partners
Retirement benefits for partners of retired military and government workers
Elimination of Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Removal of the sodomy statute in the Uniformed Code of Military Justice
Separation of church and state issues

State Issues
Adoption and family issues
Overturning state sodomy laws
Non-discrimination legislation
Safe School Initiative

The Human Rights Campaign and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have ongoing action alerts which ask for our help. Sign up and participate. Frequently all it takes is signing on to an already created sample letter that will be forwarded to your congressional representative. It makes a difference when they hear from you. If you doubt that just look at the effect Fundamentalists have had on Federal legislation; they lobby all the time. Where are we, you and I? We'd better start pressuring those same lawmakers or else we are in for a worse fiasco than we already are in.

As Alerts arise that raise my particular passion, you will read about them here. My hope is o get your attention also. To make sure you know when my button is pushed and I want to push yours, sign up for my alerts by registering on this web site. If you hear of local, state, national or international issues that should be posted here, let me know and let me sound the or alarm, loud and clear, to all those willing to hear.

Patriot before 9-11,
Grethe Cammermeyer