It is time for the stories of GLBT servicemembers to be compiled into a book telling of the atrocities and unfairness of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law. I have been encouraged to put together such an endeavour. My plan is to act as editor of such a project.

If you are a GLBT individual who has served in the military, either in the United States or another country, I hope you will contribute and be willing to write about yourself.

I will take the liberty of editing and will make sure you see, approve, and sign off on the final product of your journey for the book.

If you have suggestions or other ideas feel free to let me know.

Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer USA ret

Note: Unless you request to be added to my military mailing list, your email address will only be used to contact you regarding the information you've submitted for inclusion in the upcoming book. Unless you give permission for your name to be used, any identifying information you send will be strictly confidential and will not be given anyone else.

ALL Current Military Personnel: Don't Ask Don't Tell prohibits GLBT servicemembers from disclosing sexual orientation. Your personal computer can be confiscated and searched so be extremely cautious about which computers are used and the e-mail you save. Do not use a military or government computer to search the web or receive mail which may put your career in jeopardy.

No links are allowed in any responses.



Yes No May I use your name in the book?
Yes No Would you like to be added to my military mailing list?


Do you primarily identify as:

Branch of Service:
Dates of Service:

What were your dreams, the reasons you joined the military?

Were you out before you joined the military, or did you realize your sexual orientation after you were in?

What was your military career like, where did you serve and what did you do?

What were your accomplishments?

How did the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law effect those aspirations? Were you investigated, harassed, isolated, etc.?

If you were discharged under Don't Ask, Don't Tell, what were the last months and days like? How did your boss and your coworkers react? Did you feel supported or isolated?

How were you treated as you were leaving the military? How did you feeling leaving and where are you now with dealing with those experiences?

If the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law were overturned would you go back into the military?

If you were GLBT individual serving in the military and completed your service without problems I would like to have your stories also.
Did your coworkers know that you were GLBT?

Did you have a cohort of GLBT servicemembers who hung around together to support one another?

How did you protect yourself? Were you concerned about being disclosed?

Many countries allow GLBT individuals to serve openly in the military. If you were in the military in one of these countries, please describe your experiences. Were you out to your coworkers and superiors? How were you accepted?

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your miliary experience?